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Feet in the sand

 Feet in the sand, a cold beer in the hand and the smell of seafood being cooked over an open flame. This is Die Strandloper. Located in Langebann just a one hour drive from Cape Town in South Africa, Die Strandloper is one of the most unique dining experiences I have been a part of […]

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Growing up in Africa

I consider having grown up in Africa to be one of the greatest privileges of my life thus far. For a little kid it’s like having the world’s largest playground! These are a few of my favourite memories. Playing in the mud with my sister during an African rain storm. The rain pelts down so hard it’s […]

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Battling White Waters

I watched the raft in front of us do a spectacular flip in mid-air, the eyes of the occupants bulging before they were swept rapidly downstream. Our raft started to pick up speed and I said a silent prayer to whoever was listening, ‘please don’t let us tip!’ “Everyone paddle together!” yelled Chris, our guide. “Faster!” So […]

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