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All About Cheetahs

  Monday the 4th December marks International Cheetah Day so I wanted to commemorate the occasion and share with you some facts about these beautiful big cats. Cheetahs occur mainly in eastern and southern Africa and in some parts of Iran. You can identify a cheetah by: a slender body deep chest a small round […]

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Feet in the sand

 Feet in the sand, a cold beer in the hand and the smell of seafood being cooked over an open flame. This is Die Strandloper. Located in Langebann just a one hour drive from Cape Town in South Africa, Die Strandloper is one of the most unique dining experiences I have been a part of […]

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Growing up in Africa

I consider having grown up in Africa to be one of the greatest privileges of my life thus far. For a little kid it’s like having the world’s largest playground! These are a few of my favourite memories. Playing in the mud with my sister during an African rain storm. The rain pelts down so hard it’s […]

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Battling White Waters

I watched the raft in front of us do a spectacular flip in mid-air, the eyes of the occupants bulging before they were swept rapidly downstream. Our raft started to pick up speed and I said a silent prayer to whoever was listening, ‘please don’t let us tip!’ “Everyone paddle together!” yelled Chris, our guide. “Faster!” So […]

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